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HIMSSwireYour Content Distribution Partner! Reach hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals easily and effectively with HIMSSwire (HIMSSwire.com), a new communications service from HIMSS Media. HIMSSwire enables you to distribute your message to key healthcare IT decision-makers across the HIMSS media network, with minimal effort and investment.

Here's how it works:

HIMSSwire is a content distribution network. When you participate, our experienced healthcare journalists write custom articles on your behalf, based on your specifications. We post this content on HIMSSwire.com, with access points through HIMSS.org, Healthcare IT News and the entire HIMSS Media suite of websites, reaching hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals.

HIMSSwire elevates your communications program with:


The HIMSS organization is a trusted resource and one that healthcare professionals and executives turn to as they seek to leverage today's innovations to improve care delivery.

Compelling Content.

With experienced healthcare journalists working with you to create credible articles, you'll engage your target audience with stories that inform, educate and resonate.


Our distribution network includes numerous websites that attract qualified buyers and influencers. Your story will be well-told and well read enabling key decision-makers to learn about your company's latest products, services and accomplishments.

Include HIMSSwire as part of your integrated communications plan
to get the content distribution you need, effortlessly.

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John Zita
847.498.4520 ext. 3010