Opportunities Available

White Papers

Our well written, thought provoking white papers will educate and inform your audience to expedite their decision making process. The quality and credibility of our white papers ensure that your clients refer to them frequently as valued resources.

Case Studies

Enhance your audience's knowledge through engaging and informative case studies. Our expertly written case studies educate your audience on your products and define your successes through relevant examples, interviews and results.

Content Refresh

We'll take your current content and refresh it to make it up-to-date and relevant to the healthcare industry. We can also enhance your content by adding specific data points and expert quotes.


Take advantage of our expansive and highly targeted reader audience to gain survey data about your market, brand awareness of your company or products, or the perception of your company or products in the marketplace. Let our team compile and analyze the results to provide you with the facts you need to enhance or refocus your marketing communications.

Custom Content Piece Based on Your Webinar

Don't let you clients walk away from your webinar empty handed. We'll re-craft your webinar content with eye-catching design elements to provide an excellent and functional follow up tool. In addition, you'll be continuing your brand message and presenting your company as an authority on that given topic.

Customized eBook Programs

eBooks offer the ability deliver information in a dynamic platform that can incorporate written content, audio, video, interactivity and lead generation. MedTech Media's Customized eBook Program makes this process easy by supplying content, design, technology and audience access services, resulting in a guaranteed lead program and a re-useable eBook.

Content Monitor

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter provide an ongoing conversation among your current and future customers. Monitoring what people are saying about your company and products provides immediate feedback. Choose from a Content Monitoring package that includes data collection on your reputation, your competition, specific products or services, or any other topic that you provide. We'll mine this real-time information from social media feeds, analyze the data and follow up with a written 2-page report to provide a platform for the development of a dynamic, responsive marketing plan.

Speaking Engagements

Optimizing the attendance at your event is often based on the quality of speaker that you reserve. We'll make all necessary arrangements to provide a desirable and credible industry expert to maximize participation by your most desirable prospects.

Events Development

Our professional events marketing staff can manage logistics for every aspect of your live event. We'll ensure that no detail is neglected and make every effort to help you exceed your marketing goals.

Blogging Service

Blogging is an informal and incredibly effective method of communicating directly with your customers and prospects. And, blogging provides an efficient search engine optimization strategy to drive traffic to other parts of your integrated marketing campaign. Our professional bloggers offer their insights and expertise, ensuring that your blog stands out from others in the market.

Apps Development

Our technology-savvy team can help you quickly roll-out any number of apps that will engage and educate your clients. We'll meet your specifications and timeline to create marketing tools, or more functional implementations, as part of an overall program or independently. Our most popular app is one that helps your clients and potential clients calculate the ROI of your product or service.

Site Development

Your website can often be the first impression your clients get of your company, your brand or your products. Our expert team of professional designers and writers can ensure that the first impression is memorable, credible and repeatable. After all, you'll want your clients to return often giving you the chance to offer continuity of brand and message.

Contact your area representative for details and rates on these opportunities.